There is a famous saying “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”.

We see the world through our mental approach. If that approach is largely negative, it will impact everything around us. It will leave a negative sign on our health, family, career, and future.

Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts like a spiral. Even the best of us fall prey to negative thinking. They play out in our minds, like a movie, and bring us pain, disappointment, and disbelief. It drains out the energy and enthusiasm we have for certain things.

Luckily, our brain is designed in such a way that we can train it to think in a certain way. There are effective techniques that you can utilize to move past the negative mindset. We will show you 08 proven ways to overcome all negativity in your life with positive mindset training.

Following are the proven techniques to change a negative mindset into a positive mindset

1. Observe your Feelings

The first and foremost step in training your mind is to observe your thoughts. Give it a try, every day, even if it is for just a few minutes. Human is known as a creature of habit. We all mostly think and apply the same stuff. If you observe yourself, you will notice that it is the same pattern of thoughts and feelings that creep inside your mind every day.

Is it the work that is stressing you out? Are you still upset about the fight you had with your partner a few days ago? Or is it the everyday achievements of others that make you think less of yourself? Once you observe which negative thoughts are taking your peace of mind the most, you can work on them.

Suppose, if a co-worker is making you depressed, you can ask your boss to change your department. Or if you are not having a good time with your spouse, you can think of a solution to turn around your relationship. This can only be achieved by observing your thoughts and feelings

2. Give Positivity and Feel Positive

An act of kindness will not only make others happy but also gives you a feeling of joy. If you help others, it will help your heart in healing. Every day, take a moment to do even the smallest favor and make others’ lives better. It will eventually push away the negative feelings and replace them with a positive mindset.

Positivity attracts positivity. If you train yourself to do something compassionate for others every time you feel down, it will change your life. It will become an automatic process for you and your mind will force you to do good every time it is anxious.

3. Take Care of your Body

Various researches show that our diet can have a huge influence on our emotional state. Similarly, our sleep cycle, usage of gadgets, and exercise routine also leave a mark on our whole mindset. So if you are willing to change your mindset, have an honest inspection of how you are looking after yourself. Identify the areas of improvement and work on them.

Diet is a big factor. Taking the right amount of minerals and vitamins is important for our body as well as the mind. There are well-established links between mental issues like anxiety with the vitamin deficiencies. To support good mental health, consult your nutritionist and design a healthy diet for yourself.

Similarly, if you are not getting 8 hours of sleep at night, it will increase your anger in you. The anger will lead to you having a negative mindset. Also, a lack of sleep gives birth to anxiety and depression. That’s why it is equally important to focus on your sleep cycle. Try to take maximum sleep at night rather than sleeping during the days.

4. Show Gratitude

One of the most important techniques to turn a negative mindset into a positive is by showing gratitude. Research shows that showing gratitude can do wonders. It can just not make you optimistic but also ward off coronary artery disease. Maintaining an appreciation journal is a good practice to start with. But showing gratitude toward others is even better.

It could be something like thanking your teammate for his contribution or your boss for a pay raise. It could be showing a thankful attitude toward your mom or taking your dad for a dinner. Complementing your friend and sending a gratitude email to your favorite bakery will make you happy too.

You may feel a little awkward at the start but once you start practicing it you’ll feel excellent. Trust me, it is one of the best practices for making yourself happy.

5. Make Time for Things you Love to do

Every person has a favorite hobby. It can be anything like watching sports, sitting on the rooftop and having tea, or talking to an old friend. You may love to read books in a lone room with full silence or maybe cooking is your favorite thing.

Make time for things you love to do and it will positively impact your mindset. If you love watching a movie at the cinema, plan it for your upcoming weekend, and go and watch it with your buddies. Plan a camping trip with your friends or pick a new hobby.

Try to set aside an hour or two for yourself by planning things that will free up your mind. Cook for yourself, take yourself out for dinner, or go for an evening walk. Do things you love and lift your spirit.

6. Look for Daily Positives

Train your mind before you go to bed every night. Reflect on your daily activities and think about all the positive things you have done that day. Scan for at least 3 positives and try to grow the number. Whether you helped someone in lifting weight or opened a door for an elderly woman. Whether you gave your bus seat to an elder citizen or bought a cup of coffee.

positive thinking - positivity

These are small acts but carry huge results on your mental well-being. Even the smallest acts like complimenting your friend or having lunch with old buds are more than enough. It will bring happiness to your life and give your life meaning.

7. Be your Own Best Buddy

We, humans, are usually mean to ourselves. Most of the self-talk we do is negative and degrading. It is important to be your own best friend to have a positive mindset. Yes, do tell yourself about all the things you should change. But at the same time, compliment yourself for all the good things you do daily.

There are three easy steps to being your own best friend:

  • Release your thoughts. Let the feelings out to get over them and not dwell on them. Do this exercise every time you have negative thoughts
  • Track them. Identify when you have negative thoughts and talk about them with yourself. Awareness will make you refrain from them in future
  • Reframe the negativity. Once you have identified why you are mean to yourself, reframe it. Think for a moment, about what a good friend will do in such a situation. Then speak out to yourself like a good friend.

8. Re-train your Mind Subconsciously

Lastly, a mix of the most important techniques is to subconsciously train your mind and heal yourself. Sometimes, if we want to become positive we to uncover and release the past negative experiences. This can be done through the following positive thinking techniques:

  • Tapping: It is an emotional freedom technique. It requires you to focus on the negative emotions at hand and then tap your fingertips on specific body points.
  • Daily affirmations: Affirmations are small statements that decide the state of your daily mindset. They are like self-fulfilling prophecies. Saying things like “ I can do it” or “I am no less than anyone” are examples of such affirmations.
  • Mirror work: It is an art of positive thinking. Stand in a mirror for around 20 minutes and reflect on the feelings you have for yourself.

All these exercises will help you in discovering and healing the wounds. They will build a supportive belief system within your mind that you can use to cope with the traumatic thoughts.

Summarizing Our Positive Mindset Training Guide

In this guide to positive thinking, we have explained in detail how to train a positive mindset. These techniques are very simple and easily executable anywhere. You won’t have to worry about paying huge fees to a therapist now and then. By bringing these small changes into your life, you can easily convert all the negative thoughts into a positive one.

Stay focused, give happiness, and show gratitude and you will attract positivity. Also, work on your body, diet, and sleep cycle. Give yourself affirmative statements daily and be your good friend. We are confident that you will attract positivity through positivity.